Summer Tofu Sandwich

I usually try to avoid meat alternatives and stick to whole, unaltered foods and so I haven’t yet gotten around to trying out any of the vegan cheeses on the market. I did think to myself however, why I don’t indulge in something with a little tofu for substance! Did I just say that?

Well in any case, I had only tried tofu maybe once or twice and didn’t have much of a taste for it. What I discovered however, is that with the right amount of crispiness, it’s not all that bad!

This is a real simple throw-it-together-in-two-seconds style summer snack or light dinner. Our favorite bread these days is Silver Hills sprouted wheat bread. They have solid ingredients, are largely organic and have an excellent carb to fiber ratio- the best ratio in supermarket bread so far.

Real simple:

Toast bread

Spread with Dijon Mustard, coconut oil and Frank’s hot sauce

Add pea shoots

Add greens/salad mix (optional)

Add sliced cherry tomatoes

Add sliced white onions

Fresh ground black pepper

Pan fried Tofu

The secret is to pan fry tofu on medium-high heat until it has lost most of its moisture and starts to brown on both sides- firm tofu is best for this. The end product reminds me of a cheese used in East Indian cooking called paneer, so this is also a wonderful substitute in curry recipes or veggie skewers for the barbeque.

Fix yourself a nice drink (A little Kombucha works real well), grab a seat on the patio in the sun and enjoy.

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